The Quiet Struggle






Exploring The Adoption Triad

My Hopes: Adoption is not a moment in time - but a life long journey!

Many adoption myths persist in our society.  Understanding details on the topic of adoption is something that all members of the triad (adoptee, birth mom and adoptive parents) should be more educated and aware of before decisions are made. 

It is likely that someone in your life was adopted, placed a baby for adoption, or is an adoptive parent.  I hope by following me in this blog that I can do three things: 1) help you understand more about all sides of adoption 2)  find this as a resource or coping mechanism by reading other stories and 3) try to keep you up on the latest news surrounding adoption.  Read my personal blog and follow me on twitter to receive updates.

The Adoptee


Definition: Someone who has been adopted...yet so much MORE!  There is loss, grief and hurt as well as the need for identity associated with being adopted.


Adoptive Parents


Definition: AP are those people seeking to adopt or have already adopted. Amazing individuals ready to provide and protect.


Birth Mom


Definition: Birthmoms are courageous women who give their children life and selflessly choose to place them in the home of another loving family.