Kathy's story

My adoption was arranged through an attorney and our family doctor.  He knew a family who had a 16 year old looking to place her baby up for adoption. I was born September 7th, and my parents took me home on September 10th, my mom's birthday.

I always knew I was adopted and as an only-child, I was quite the prize in my parents eyes. I have a huge family but must admit that as I grow older, I feel less connected in some ways. I am so happy to have two children of my own who look like me. That has probably been one of the most basic things that I always longed for - someone who looked like me.

I am also more concerned about my medical history. As I age, I worry about what illnesses and diseases I may be predisposed to - and I worry for my girls. I have considered trying to find my birth mother but I just don't think I could handle it right now. My two best friends are also adopted.  They searched and found their birth families, but they have had some heartache come along with that as well.

So, for now, I often don't think about being adopted. Unless I am at the doctors office. One of these days I would like to complete my story - but until then, I just imagine my own history.